Thursday, May 1, 2008

Modern love chez food court

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction." ~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry


knarf said...

Love that woman in the top left of the frame, gazing over the scene from the background.

Wonderful photo!

Di Mackey said...

Really nice capture.

seriously amused said...

Thank you Knarf.

I didn't see her until after the photo was taken, so I can't take credit.

seriously amused said...

Thank you, Di.

I was very, very fortunate. I was reading while eating and happened to look up at the right time. It was literally a one shot deal because after I took it, a woman sat down in front of the guy. I love it when things magically come together like that!!!

Di Mackey said...

I often lack the courage to take those photographs here in Europe - the privacy laws are quite lethal but I'm about to head off to photograph a Turkish Jewish wedding in Berlin and the guest list promises to be fascinating, then Rome and Istanbul in the weeks ahead. Hopefully, I'll have some public private photographs once I escape Belgium :)

seriously amused photoblog said...

I'm really torn about taking public shots. I loathe getting my pic taken and I'm also a very private person, and yet these are moments in time which "speak volumes."

Sounds like the weeks ahead will be exciting ones for you. I look forward to seeing your photos.